Currency field cant be copy&pasted to another currency field

Hello. For our outsourced assets we have a calculated field for the cost of the asset and I wanted to make a field that we could copy the cost to when we approve the cost. After I created the currency field and started to copy the costs over I realized that with anything bigger than 4 figures it doesnt accept it as a currency as it has commas every 3 figures. Obviously this could be automated but we dont have the resources to for that, so it is very odd that you cant copy a currency to another field without having to format it again.


Hi @xizted!

That does sound frustrating, sorry to hear copying is being difficult. When you say copy, do you mean clicking into a currency cell, hitting Ctrl+C, and then Ctrl+V into another cell? Or is this via an export > import operation?

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Copying and pasting was the issue, biggest issue is that when double clicking a calculated field it doesn’t remove the commas like it would do for a normal field.I managed to fix this by forcing it back to a float and changing the formatting for floats.