Criteria for Activity display of a Person?

Hi all,

When I go to a Person entry on SG web for our site, it looks like some things are displayed on the Activity tab, and others aren’t.

Is there a Site setting to choose what you want to see on a Person’s Activity tab?


I’ve found it useful to create a View on the Person detail page called “History” and of type EventLog. This will show all activity by this user

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Hi @schicky,

Your suggestion made me see that on our site we have a Tab on the main Person view called “Event Log Entries” which may have been added by someone prior, but in any case, it wasn’t working as expected (it was always empty).

I went into Design mode, removed the broken Tab, made a new one that displays Event Log Entries and does work as intended, then made the new design the Global Page Default.

Thanks for the hint!

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Glad it helped!

For bonus info, we have an additional view/tab called “History On”, again of type Event Log Entry, but instead the filter is “LINK is Current Person” (original History view filter is “WHO is Current Person”)

This shows events where someone else changed properties of a Person, like changing their Permission Role

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