Crew Time zone / time zone offset display

On our project homepages, we display a project crew widget with all the artists that are booked to the job. Our company is starting to utilize artists and vendors from around the world a lot more often these days and I’d to display some information about that artists time zone on the widget. We tend to forget that remote artists aren’t right next door and it can waste half a day or more of potential work because not everyone was aware of the difference.

Obviously, I can just display their time zone as a string or as GMT ± in a new field and leave it up to the viewer to figure out what the actual time in that location is, but ideally I could make something a little fancier. What I’d love is a field that displays the time offset from the viewer. For example, an artist in LA views the widget and sees the time offset of another team member in NY as +3, but that artist in NY would view the widget and see his LA coworker labeled as -3.

Has anyone ever done something like that or solved a similar issue in a different way? Is something like that even remotely possible?