My Timelogs - Tasks popping in the form are all tasks, not tasks assigned to artist

Hi there…

I need some help before I lose my mind! My Timelogs page is functionning properly with the filter “Me” and only display the timelogs entered by that particular artist. BUT! When entering the the acutal timelog using the form, ALL tasks appear when trying to select one in order to log the time against their tasks. I would like to achieve the same we see in “My Tasks” where the artists see ONLY the tasks assigned to them. I want the form to display only the tasks assigned to them to chose from. I tried filters, permission and nothing so far… Any idea by any chance ?

Thanks a lot!

Do I understand correctly that you’re having folks go to the Time Logs page within a project and enter their time from there?

If I’ve understood and that’s the process, I’m not sure you can achieve what you want that way, since it’s a global page for the project.

The cludgy-but-intended way for folks to do it is to be in My Tasks, click on the carrot on the right and then fill in time logs from there.

Would that method work?

Oh wait - hold on. If you add the Time Logged field to the My Tasks page it’s much easier.

the form looks like this after you click the +