Creating a url entity on project creation


I was wonder if anyone has any insight on how to enter a url on project creation. I am currently passing a dictionary to shotgun.create('Project', project_data) but one of our default entities is for the Jira bridge integration is a url and if I try to populate the field as a sting I get line 3465: API create() Project.sg_jira_sync_url expected [Hash, HashWithIndifferentAccess, ActionController::ParamsHashWithIndifferentAccess, NilClass] data type(s) but got String: I was wondering in the dictionary what it is expecting to be passed currently its something like ```project_data = {‘sg_jira_sync_url’: ‘http://local:9090/sg2jira/default’}

and insight would be appreciated

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Hi David

I just took a look at your site, and you have that field configured as a File/Link type field.
So should set it like this:

project_data =  {"sg_jira_sync_url":{"url":""}, ...}
shotgun.create('Project', project_data)

Hopefully that should do it!

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