Shotgun Jira Bridge

Hello !

I’ve been trying to set up the Shotgun-jira bridge and I’m unable to figure out how to complete this step : I don’t know where to create this field.


Up ? I would like to integrate the bridge but I don’t know where I should create these new fields.

The left column says which entity each field should be on. So what is the question?


How do I add a field to a Project entity ?

There are a couple of ways, but you can go to the Project overview, in the right pane find Info, then click the cogwheel next to it. At the bottom of the opened dialog you will see a button “Add new field to Project”.

Thanks !!

I did them all except HumanUser - is this entity the same as “People” ?

I also get this error when I try to check the Project field “sg_jira_key” to ensure unique values.


I ran into the same issue and finally got an answer to this poor piece of documentation.
The Entity column is not referring to the type of field but the context.
For example, Entity “Project” means the field needs to be created in the Project Area, Context or Page as it were.
Here’s the fun part Note is a page you have to create inside the Project and HumanUser is a Project user that needs a page made for as well.
I know clear as mud.