Copying layouts

Hi all,

quite often I have pages with multiple tabs (even though I try to avoid them as they are near in visible to users with the current UI design).
Later I might update the columns shown in a given tab and want to propagate that update to all tabs (as the tabs usually are just different filters).
There is no easy way to do this afaik, so I end up doing the same change time and time again.
There is no way to copy/paste a layout from one page/tab to another on the fly, is there?!



Hey Frank, there is nothing like that at the moment, but we have definitely heard requests for it. I think this is a frequent issue people hit when setting up Shotgun for a studio, and needing to dial in formatting for multiple department views, for instance.

This is a great one for the roadmap, if you don’t mind submitting there. Thanks!


Ok, will do.

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