Converging Webhooks with Action Menu Items

So, I was able to able to setup a single Serverless Lambda endpoint for webhooks and action menu items. It works great and as a result I can broker functions as I see fit. However I am wondering if we might be able to extend webhooks by linking them to actions menu items. As a result we would have an integrated SG solution to track and monitor payloads, failures and status manage actions. I guess the idea is that when an action is linked to a webhook the webhook url, signature, project permissions and status are used rather than the action menu items attributes. This would insure legacy compatibility for studios who have a deep bench of action menu items. Action menus item are getting a bit old and this would be a welcomed addition. Furthermore it could unify how they are managed. For example, action and webhooks return signatures differently and this is can become very confusing. Anyhow, would love to hear some chatter on this topic.