Combining Submission/Review Playlists?

I am wondering if it is possible to combine several playlists into a new one?

We usually have several submissions to the client every day and receive feedback a few days later for all of them at once.
Each submissions is its own playlist on the Review Page.
I usually use the Review App to enter feedback, but it is super cumbersome to do that for every single submission playlist, so I combine them all into a new Review Playlist - but this means I have to select all the versions flagged for Review and add them to a new playlist.

I would like to get rid of that step and prefer to just go to the Review Page, select the Playlists I need and then Right-Click to “Combine Playlists”.
Is that possible? If not, could that be added? How are other users handling this?

Thanks, Alex

Hi @marvinmetzner,

This sounds like something you could easily create with a Custom AMI.
A whole new world will open up… Have a look here: Creating custom Action Menu Items – Shotgun Support

The simple HTTP URLs version should work for this.
Here we work with a protocol handler but if you need some help getting it to work I could dive deeper into it.

I hope this helps.