Collections depreciation

Trying to run Blender 3.1 (which uses Python 3.10) on SG and encountering an error in tk-multi-publish2\python\tk_multi_publish2\api\

This uses collections.MutableMapping which has been depreciated and moved to It should be a simple fix and and works on my end without breaking anything when modified manually. Could this change be implemented to the SG ecosystem?

ShotGrid follows the VFX Reference Platform which currently advises to be compatible with Python 3.9 at the end fo the year,.

If this change is only valid from Python 3.10 then I would suggest you fork the publish2 app for now to make the change yourself and perhaps privide a pull request back to SG.

Blender has always used newer python releases and its a bit annoying they don’t seem to stick with the VFX ref platform as it would make things easier.