Certificate renewal python version confusion

We brought in a temp developer two years ago to help build a pipeline tool that uses toolkit.
I have a concern about this notice for the certificate renewal coming up in August. When I open up SG Desktop and use the python console I see it is running python 2.7.14. The version of SG Desktop is 1.5.7. I tried the latest but it would not run with our pipeline.

The Certificate Renewal notification states ‘Minimal version of the Python API: 3.0.37’. Does this mean our current pipeline won’t work with python 2.7.14 (the version SG Desktop is using). If this is the case how do I upgrade to python 3.0.37 or higher? (is it our pipeline code or is there some specific SG library that we have manually deal with?) Does this mean I need to find a developer to come in and re-write our pipeline code? I am a decent python developer but have never used toolkit nor have I ever built an SG pipeline. Confused.

Thanks for anyone that can tell me if I do or do not need to re-write any code for this change.


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SG API version 3.0.37, not general python 3.

Ah. Thank you. Very good to know.