Can't get AMI to update page via session uuid

Hi all,

I have an AMI that updates some fields that are visible in the page layout that the AMI is triggered from.

I am using the session_uuid from the AMI’s payload in my API call, like this:




is the AMI’s session uuid

followed by a simple update call like this:

SG.CONNECT.update( …)

The api script has “genreate events” checked, the AMI has “poll for data updates” checked and “open in modal overay” unchecked.

Yet, when I run the AMI I do not see the new values in the updated fields until I manually reload the page data.

What am I missing?


So turns out this does work. Looks like I was too quick closing the terminal that my python code opens to display progress. So I guess I need to just wait until the fields udpate on the page before I close the process.

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