REST API session_uuid not working?

Has anyone successfully been able to pass along a session_uuid using the REST api?

It is documented briefly here that you can pass along a session_uuid when getting an access token: ShotGrid REST API v1

However, I am trying to respond to a webhook using the rest API and despite authenticating with a session_uuid:

{'client_id': 'development', 'client_secret': ****, 'grant_type': 'client_credentials', 'session_uuid': '7673a744-a9a9-11ee-8153-0a58a9feac02'}

Updates aren’t refreshing live in the UI and I don’t see a session_uuid in the event log:

{'description': 'development 1.0 changed "Status" from "ip" to "fnl" on Task cmp',
  'event_type': 'Shotgun_Task_Change',
  'id': 5543040,
  'session_uuid': None,
  'type': 'EventLogEntry'}]

Has anyone gotten this working?