Can we delete custom action menu items from trash?


We have our own custom action menu items created in our shotgrid. We needed to eliminate the action menu items and did so. I don’t see an option to delete the action menu items. I have only one option for reviving it. The question I am asking is “Is it possible to delete the action menu items from trash?”.

Nothing in Sg is really deleted, just invisible from queries.

What is your need to remove from the Trash?

Hi @Ricardo_Musch ,

Thank you for replying.

Actually, My team doesn’t need that in the trash either…
I can delete everything in the trash as the Shotgrid admin except the action menu items. I didn’t see the option to delete it.

Any ideas ?

You can’t delete everything from the trash permanently, this depends on the entity.

Again though, why do you care about something in the trash? Its hidden and not active.

Hi @Ricardo_Musch

Thank you for your reply. Got it.

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