Bulk Importing assets, where to put the path from file on the local server?

Hi Shotgunners,

I’m newbie on pipe-lining with shotgun, but been using it for quite some time in other functions. So for the company I work for we decided to make a shared library in shotgun. (did not know any other tool for it that was fit for the job)

So all our assets are on the local server and I want to put them in shotgun through the bulk importer csv. I’m looking how I can put the path in shotgun, I find a reference in “web page address” but can not import/set it through csv??


When I’m doing it from within 3dsmax then its no problem - its automatically fine the path, but need to be able to massive batch process it. (talking about thousands of assets in different filetypes)

Maybe this is a stupid question and the answer is easy…


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Hi Fabian,

Unfortunately the File/Link Field is not able to be updated by the importer or the API, You mention this works fine in 3dsmax, is this using the toolkit publisher?

One option is to use the stand alone publisher that comes with Toolkit and batch publish your Assets?


Hi David Mason,

Hey @Fabian_Molleman - I think some of your message got cut off. :slight_smile:

Hi David,

Reply mailed you on this, seems indeed message cut off.

So full message this time:
Thank you for the reply on my question. We started on making a publish script that works through the toolkit publisher that works with a csv. Seems the best approach for publishing 1000’s of assets.

Grtz Fabian