Hi evryone,

I started to implement a “tk_bootstrap” based on a naive approach based on the Autodesk help with tk-shell implemented.


with SHOTGUN_API_CACERTS pointing to “cacerts.txt” path

Just after this debug messages from logManager():
[DEBUG sgtk.core.util.storage_roots] Querying SG local storages…

context = _build_ssl_context(
  File "/opt/prod/packages/external/tk_core/0.20.32/python/tank_vendor/shotgun_api3/lib/httplib2/python3/", line 183, in _build_ssl_context
FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory

If anybody have any idea about debugging this part.

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Hi @mnegrel !

Did you install tk-core via pip in a virtual env? If so there is a long standing bug where this breaks the bootstrap API. Pip install sgtk breaks ToolkitManager

Best solution we found so far is installing tk-core in editable mode.

Hope that helps!


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Hi Fabian,

first of all thank you so much for reply.
I do not install with pip because I already had a bug like this few years ago.
From my part it’s looks like I have an authentification issue, append right after updating tk-core, and shotgun api.

I would more time next week end to dive into the code understand clearly what appended.

Best regards

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Doesn’t this just mean that it cant access the cacerts file?

I do not know, I tryed différents ways using SHOTGUN_API_CACERTS and SSL_CERT_FILE with the path to cacert.pem and or cacert.txt.

I have couple of time this week end for that.

I will put the result if I find some thing