Basic Editing in RV

I was wondering, is anyone aware of it being possible to do basic editing within RV? Like remove a frame, and then perhaps create a new QT based on that minor edit?

I imagine it would rely on custom toolkits being built around that, at which point the limitations might just be your ability to invest in that side of things, but was curious if anyone had seen/heard of that being done successfully.

AFAIK unless someone has a custom version they have build, its not possible in the default RV build.

Yes you can. RV is much more powerful than it may seem.
Hit “x” to bring up the session manager. In there you can create things like, sequences, stacks and layouts.
If you create a sequence with the clips you want, you can adjust each clip’s in/out point to control the edit.
Certainly not the most intuitive UX to do this sort of thing but there is a lot of fun things you do here.

Thanks @frank; I had stumbled upon this, and I’ll keep digging into this. Thanks for the tip.