Assigning a task to a custom entity (not a people or a group)?

is there a way to assign a task to an entity which is not a ‘people’ or a ‘group’ ?
Let’s say I need to assign a ‘scene’ or a ‘shot’ task to some custom entities like ‘room’ or ‘stage’ or ‘studio’, not a ‘people’.
I could use a ‘group’ but that does not fit very well and I already use ‘groups’ for sorting HOD, Sups, Artists, Interns and so on, alongside using ‘departments’ for camera, props, editorial, vfx…
Simply linking two entities does not help, I need start and due dates, durations, status, Gantt charts. And I guess I cannot add a task or a task template to a connection entity ?

Any idea on how I could do that ?

Thanks !