Are shared thumbnails persistent after original is removed?

I am using the Python API’s share_thumbnail function to make migrating assets from a legacy project to a new project much easier than re-uploading image files.

I did some testing by deleting the original asset, clearing the thumbnail on the original, and replacing the thumbnail to see if the shared thumbnail still survives in the new asset, and everything looks great so far.

Is it a correct assumption that the shared thumbnail acts like a native thumbnail to the new asset? I want to be sure there isn’t a situation where an archival or deletion (after a certain amount of time) will clear out any shared thumbnails.


For reference:


Hi Alex,

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You are correct, if you share a thumbnail any manipulation to the entity the thumbnail was originally uploaded to should not have any impact. The thumbnail is stored independently of the original entity and will stay available.


Thanks, happy to be here!!

I appreciate the sanity check!