Any ideas for an external input form?

Hi! I need to create a form that other members of our company (who do not have SG licenses) could submit. The idea is that they could submit this form and the data in it would be uploaded to SG via the API to help kick off our projects. The transforming of the data isn’t really what I’m concerned with, but I’d rather not have to create and host the form itself.

Airtable offers a form that can be shared out publicly to people without licenses, then I could add an action script in Airtable that would kick it over to SG upon creation, but was wondering if anyone had any better options that didn’t rely on another piece of paid software. But any ideas welcome!

Our company created a locally hosted webform which integrates with the Shotgun API accordingly, but this would require an in-house developer with the knowledge to be able to set this up!

Google Forms may also allow for a script / API integration like airtable does, if you haven’t looked into it already? Similarly with Microsoft Forms if your company has Office365 licenses.

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