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I have a quick question about the new pop-up for the new help icon. Is there a way that we are able to turn it off, or restrict to a permission group?

We prefer for our Artist permission level personal to send us in internal tickets first. So internally we (Admins) can be the first line of defense. This also helps keep us in the loop of any issues that may be occurring.

I imagine this would also be beneficial for the Street team, so they receive one ticket on behalf of a group rather than many multiples.

Let me know what you think! :slight_smile:



Hi Shauna! Thanks for your feedback. You can contact support to get the functionality globally disabled across the site if you need to, however:

  1. In most cases, your team can’t currently contact us via this button- is more a way to let people know about new features, temporary outages, and finding their way around the app

  2. If we disable that functionality it will also disable those messages altogether.

  3. We’re looking at ways to make this better integrated with setups such as yours, for example in the future we might use that button as a way to tie into your own internal ticket system.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this!


Hi Jack,

I am not sure we would want to turn it off completely as it would still be really helpful to receive notifications at an Admin level. But I will reach out to support if we decide that is something we want to do.

Thank you,


Our studio would also benefit from being able to specify different “Help” contacts by permission group. Like Shauna, we’d prefer most of our permission groups to contact internal resources first., and then our admins will funnel those request to SG Support when necessary.