Advanced Project Setup Wizard Error:

Hey All,

When running the shotgun advanced project wizard this morning in a demo we ran into the following error:

2020-06-26 11:15:36,825 [ ERROR] Failed to download into path C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Shotgun\bundle_cache\tmp\0d6594136e46463b90a19befa2277055: Failed to download Toolkit App Store Config tk-config-default2 v1.3.9. Error: Shotgun attachment with id 22464 is not a zip file!. Attempting to remove it.

The last time this happened the problem went away during reporting (I’m assuming someone reported it before us and the zip file was created)


Hi Richard –

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We see this error message occasionally, and it points to some issue with the local cached of the zipped pipeline config. We’d have to look at your log to see the full error, but one thing to check on your side is: is there a zip file in the path in the error? If so, is it viable? Does it match what you’ve uploaded to Shotgun?

We’ve seen this in the past where studios have bundled actual apps with their config (more on that in the Note just above this link), causing their zip file to be quite large. A large download, plus a bad connection, may lead to a botched download.

Could any of that be at play here?


Hi Tannaz, happy Friday!

To be clear the error comes up when running the advanced project setup wizard against a new project. No pipeline configuration has been set. The wizard appears to be trying to download the tk-config-default2 v1.3.9 updated by shotgun 3 days ago.

We have no code involved in the project at this point in the demo.


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Ah interesting – sorry I missed that in your subject line! Can you direct message me a copy of %APPDATA%\Shotgun\logs\tk-desktop.log please? Would be helpful to see what’s there. Thanks!


Also worth noting is that the internet connections are very good.


HI Tannaz,

I seem to be unable to upload the log file in a message to you directly:
I’ve attached it to ticket # 113462
Worth noting is the problem is now resolved.


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Hi Richard - Thanks for sending along the log! Let’s use the ticket for subsequent back-and-forth. I’ll circle back here if we find anything interesting for public consumption. :blush:


I am having this same issue on a new project.