Adobe Loader not influenced by settings

Hey guys,
I was just customizing our tk-multi-loader settings a bit, when i realized that my customizations didn’t had any influence on every Adobe engine.

I guess the example should explain this issue:


tk-multi-loader2: “

Texture: [add_as_a_layer]
- caption: Assets
entity_type: Asset
- [project, is, ‘{context.project}’]
publish_filters: [[“sg_status_list”, “is_not”, null]]
location: “

Nonetheless inside photoshop / after effects it keeps giving me all entities that exist in the pipleline (instead of only Assets) and still giving me the “Open file” action.

I tried reloading/restarting everything and of course checked if I am realy working in the correct file, but I never had this problem with any other engine so I was wondering what I might be doing wrong in this case.

Any help is very much appreciated!


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Sorry to push this again, but is this is a problem that just occurs for me?

Hi @jonase I’m sorry nobody got back to you sooner here!

So it looks like it just isn’t using your settings block.
The fact that I can see a “Units” tab suggests that it is using a modified settings block from somewhere though.

There was a similar sort of issue discussed here:

The actual issue might well be different but it might help you start by establishing what settings it is using? And then from there, you can hopefully work to the environment file include chain to figure out where it is going wrong.

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