Action menu items and efficiently restricting projects

Hi there,
At the moment when you create an action menu item, you have the option to restrict to projects and leaving this empty applies to all projects.
I have a situation where I need to have multiple versions of the same action menu item interfaces dependent on the project. Is there a way I could specify one action menu item not being available for certain projects and the other version of the action menu item being available for the inverse projects? Listing all the projects that exist minus one or two seems cumbersome, especially when new projects are added. There should be a field to say what projects do not get this action menu item.

Hi @Liam_Hoflay !

Unfortunately not that I am aware of. I am missing “exclude” fields in other places as well. Like software entities for instance.
Maybe a small in-between layer helps where you have only one Ami assigned to your shows and the in-between layer decides which version of the tool should be launched for the given project?!

Cheers Fabian

second this, you basically have to add but can never exclude/restrict for all those software/scripts/actionmenu its a bit frustrating at times

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