Action menu item, redirect with filter


I’m wondering if I could set filter to redirect page using action menu item.

something like this,

or maybe,

I want some info.

thank you.



Hi @hat27,

Our URL schemes don’t support activating filters or setting quick filter values.

I’d definitely encourage you to report this use case and request on our public roadmap page. Just use the blue “Submit an Idea” button in the top right corner.

This being said, you can indeed setup an AMI with an https target to your own Shotgun site with a URL like https://<site> and it will work.



Hi Pat,

Thank you for reply.

OK, I agree that.

so, I have question about best practice about this situation.

I want to create trouble page witch can access from right click easily.

and also easy to add it.

I think Note is best choice and “add note to selected” is good enough to send it.

next I want to create view page witch can jump from everywhere with shotgun site.

this is very close way to set this to action menu item’s URL

but I cannot guarantee what Note page look like.
(I want filtered with note_type “trouble”)

maybe there a way to create custom project page and sort from flask or something but I don’t think it is a good choice…

or maybe forget about project filter?

Thank you,

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