Access to notes fields en sub-fields

Access to notes and replies fields

Hello SG community !
I had a simple question, has anyone been able to use replies specific fields outside of filters ?

There are two Replies specific fields named “replies” and “reply_content” and while they seem to behave like normal fields they are not and cannot be used outside of filters or sorting options in custom fields.

Use case example : I wish to display the body of replies in a grid widget or count the numbers of replies (similar to the open note count field) . I cannot find a working field for such objectives at the moment.

Has anyone been able to access and display note’s replies outside of the note itself ?

Aurélien Cottier | CG Supervisor

We struggled with that as well.

I ultimately added a “replies” fields to the note records and used an event plugin to populate it with the related reply body text so that our production teams could see them in the note list view and export it in csv reports, as needed.

Kim Madore

Director, Animation Technology
Nickelodeon Animation

Hello Kim,

Thank you for the reply !
Yes I can see that as a solution. I was hoping to not go into the Daemon route but I will give a go at your suggestion and let you know if we find something else !

Aurélien Cottier | CG Supervisor