About creating a developer sandbox for SG Create app

I was trying to create a developer sandbox for SG Create app to see how much customization is possible in the app. Here are what I did following the below:

  1. Cloned tk-desktop2 repository to my local dev area on disk.
  2. Used a dev descriptor pointing the path to the location of my app.
  3. Created multi app launcher of SG Create (which now appears on SG desktop app).
  4. Added missing tk-desktop2/.python/startup/bootstrap.py (which just returns unchanged application path and arguments on bootstrap function).
  5. Added missing tk-desktop2/startup.py (which just sets its engine name to SHOTGUN_ENGINE environment variable and returns LaunchInformation instance on prepare_launch function) .
  6. Modified one of log debug message in tk-desktop2/engine.py.
  7. See if my message as a log debug is seen in tk-desktop2.log file which resides in AppData/RoamingShotgun/Logs.

I could not see my message in the log file while seeing another modified message from tk-desktop2/startup.py in Shotgun desktop console, so it looks like it’s not setting up a developer sandbox properly yet. I am not sure if those unpresented bootstrap.py and startup.py was intentional though.

Also, I’ve been looking for a developer resource for the SG Create app, but I haven’t found it yet.

I’m curious if anyone had a success of setting a developer sandbox for SG Create app, and it would be great if you could point out something that I missed or did wrong for the setup.

Thank you so much for your help.


@keikun , have you made any progress on setting up a developer sandbox for Create?

@stavernia, I haven’t made any progress unfortunately.

Can someone at Autodesk confirm if developer sandboxing for SG Create is possible, and if not, is this in the roadmap? It’s pretty critical for us to be able to develop configurations decoupled from production.

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Does Create not allow you to load a different dev sandbox?
Perhaps for the moment you could load a different project or dissalow yourself from the primary pipeline cofigs as a workaround?

I’ve not tried recently, but this ticket rung true with my previous attempt.
A wider issue is the closed-box that Create is. It really goes against the ethos of what made SG so amazing; being able to customise every app to your needs.

I had a conversation about this a while ago.

Generally Create is still in development and the idea is that it’s a closed box for now until the development gets to a stage of a stable functioning app with all the review features.

At that point it may be posible to add flexibility into it.

I do agree this moment should be sooner than later but I think the intent on this one was to create a new Review experience based on the RV core.

I should mention as well that the nice thing about ShotGrid is that it’s pretty easy to adapt the engines and data into other apps.

For example, if you wanted to create your own review app you could look at basing it on HieroPlayer for example.

You’d be perfectly able to create an experience that launches a Cut from Sg into HieroPlayer, loads the exacr media you want from the fields or published files you want, etc.

This is what I’m looking at currently since coding for RV is really lacking proper python documentation, it’s not great to get into imho.