About creating a developer sandbox for SG Create app

I was trying to create a developer sandbox for SG Create app to see how much customization is possible in the app. Here are what I did following the below:

  1. Cloned tk-desktop2 repository to my local dev area on disk.
  2. Used a dev descriptor pointing the path to the location of my app.
  3. Created multi app launcher of SG Create (which now appears on SG desktop app).
  4. Added missing tk-desktop2/.python/startup/bootstrap.py (which just returns unchanged application path and arguments on bootstrap function).
  5. Added missing tk-desktop2/startup.py (which just sets its engine name to SHOTGUN_ENGINE environment variable and returns LaunchInformation instance on prepare_launch function) .
  6. Modified one of log debug message in tk-desktop2/engine.py.
  7. See if my message as a log debug is seen in tk-desktop2.log file which resides in AppData/RoamingShotgun/Logs.

I could not see my message in the log file while seeing another modified message from tk-desktop2/startup.py in Shotgun desktop console, so it looks like it’s not setting up a developer sandbox properly yet. I am not sure if those unpresented bootstrap.py and startup.py was intentional though.

Also, I’ve been looking for a developer resource for the SG Create app, but I haven’t found it yet.

I’m curious if anyone had a success of setting a developer sandbox for SG Create app, and it would be great if you could point out something that I missed or did wrong for the setup.

Thank you so much for your help.


@keikun , have you made any progress on setting up a developer sandbox for Create?

@stavernia, I haven’t made any progress unfortunately.