8.58 Release Notes

Release date: December 19, 2023 ET

We released the following updates since 8.57:


Site Preferences

  • Related integration releases for the App Session Launcher: tk-core v0.20.27, tk-framework-desktopstartup v2.1.25, tk-config-basic v2.6.1.

Bug fixes:

Note Markdown

  • Fixes for formatting text fields with markdown :writing_hand: [SG-25057]
    • Fixed display issue with indented markdown checkboxes
    • Text wrapped in single asterisks will now appear in italics (not bolded) for consistency with other markdown usage
    • Code blocks will only highlight language if specified after triple backticks, allowing for plain code blocks
    • Minor markdown styling updates due to library upgrade


  • Replies and Reply Content are now filterable on the Delivery entity (similar to Notes). [SG-31707]

Email Suppression List

  • Resolved a problem that prevented users from removing themselves from the email suppression list due to a “Forbidden” error. [SG-33570]


  • Fixed an issue where “is not empty” or “is empty” query field filter values would be automatically changed to a default value. [SG-31403]


  • Added the site address to the Unstable Webhook notification email. [SG-27351]
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Action Menu Items (AMI)

Bug fixes

Field Administration

  • Fixed an issue when a user edits File / Link field on multiple records to add a web-page [SG-33212]

Page Creation Form

  • Fixed a visual bug where Sequence creation dialogue would not be correctly rendered when holding Alt button [SG-33268]

Python API

  • Fix the missing DNC entry when the python API parameter order was not as expected. [SG-33890]
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Entity Creation Forms

  • Added support for sharing links to pre-filled forms via the gear menu on each entity creation form. [SG-30524]