8.50 Release Notes

Release date: May 9, 2023 ET

We released the following updates since 8.49:


Fields (Administration)

  • Added “Characters remaining” to calculated field formulas. [SG-29235]

Bug fixes:


  • Fixed an issue where Multiple Media Representations (MMR) clips in RV could not be submitted as versions to ShotGrid [SG-30340]

Detail Pages

  • Hotfix for the regression of user detail Pages not rendering. (Wednesday May 10, 2023 ET)


Analyze Page Performance

  • Added a site preference under the advanced section that allows non-admin users to Analyze Page Performance. [SG-30844] (Monday May 15, 2023 ET)


Introducing the Site Activity Monitor (SAM) for ShotGrid Admins :tada:

The ShotGrid Site Activity Monitor (SAM) is a place where ShotGrid Administrators can visit to see high-level activity on ShotGrid sites and gain insight for troubleshooting.

There are several ways in which the Site Activity Monitor can be used, including:

  • Troubleshooting: gain insight around incidents that occur (a ShotGrid site is down or operating with an impact on performance)
  • API script efficiency: dig into script activity to help optimize API scripts
  • Onboarding: ensure the level of activity is expected while inviting and enabling new users and API scripts to ShotGrid

Learn more about the Site Activity Monitor here.

Introducing the User Status Diagnostic Tool for Admins :tada: :tada:

Sometimes synchronization between Autodesk systems and ShotGrid may arise with user statuses which can present discrepancies in user statuses. The ShotGrid User Status Diagnostic Tool is designed to help ShotGrid site Administrators resolve these status discrepancies.


Learn more about the User Status Diagnostic Tool here.

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User Management

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Filter Panel

:tada: Improved the appearance of the Filter Panel which includes displaying the number of active filters applied to a Page. Learn more here. [SG-30529]

Custom entities

Added the ability to edit “Update Properties” on custom threaded entity detail Pages. [SG-29753]

Bug fixes

User Management

  • Fixed an issue in the User Status Diagnostic Tool where inactive accounts would be listed when an account with a same email was already active. [SG-31045]
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Bug fix


  • Fixed a rare case where webhook events would be missed over a short period of time. [SG-31028] (Monday June 5, 2023 ET)

Bug fix


  • Fixed an issue with permissions where users could see bubbled fields they should not have access to through the Linked Fields menu. [SG-28925]