Your Opinion Counts for My Master Thesis on Asset Production

For my master thesis I created the following survey to gather more information about “Asset Production for Visual Effects, Computer Games, and Spatial Computing”. The goal of this survey is to identify differences in the asset production process for the various areas, and to learn how knowledge and technology can be shared in a better way.

If you are working in Visual Effects, Computer Games, VR/AR, or any other industry related to Computer Graphics, I kindly ask you to participate in this survey. If you are an artist, project manager, engineer, or anyone else working in this field, I’m interested in your opinion on this topic. I appreciate your support, and encourage you to share the link.

Thank you very much!

P.S. At the end there’s an option to leave your email address, so I can share the results with you.


:slight_smile: Cool topic! Good luck with the Thesis and make sure to share the outcome :wink:


Thank you! I will make sure to share my findings.


just finished your survey, hope it helps.
I’m also working in multiple LOD / format / asset manager aggregator products.
I think you forgot .GLTF format. It’s working really well and it’s up to us to decide its future since it is a Khronos group development.
I sincerely think .FBX is crap in today’s time. The Filmbox format was great for motionbuilder and other interoperabilities between the autodesk pipeline, but it’s literally a technology from 2 decades ago and its too entangled in so many levels that I think it is worth of leaving behind.
.USD (I read USDZ first time) I have not had the chance to use it :confused:

Format Drama :slight_smile:


Thank you! Your feedback is much appreciated.

You are right, I missed glTF in my list. However, I’m not sure if it belongs there. My major focus is on interchange file formats that support the actual asset production process. glTF and USDz appear to be more delivery formats. As Khronos says “glTF is the JPEG for 3D content”.

My current idea is to utilize USD to store entire asset and scene descriptions, with representation and material variants. Before it’s handed off to integration that should allow the automatic generation of glTF or USDz files for all use cases.

Especially in XR we have to provide content for a variety of devices, with a huge spectrum of technical specs. At the same time everyone wants to take full advantage of their hardware and get the best visuals possible.

In my opinion a asset production workflow which uses USD during production, and glTF or USDz as the delivery format should enable us to be as efficient as possible.

So I think it’s not either or, but rather a combination of all of these novel file formats.

Let me know what you think.