Help shape the future of education in Media & Entertainment

Hey all - just wanted to pass on the news that we have a new group forming here that some of you may be interested in participating in. Here’s the rundown:

At Autodesk, we are exploring new ways to connect and support educators and we need your input. We are seeking professional educators in the Games, AR/VR, Animation & VFX space to participate in upcoming events and discussions to help shape the future of education in Media & Entertainment. Our goal is to improve how we serve the educator and academic communities to strengthen ties, ensure easily accessible content, and build opportunities. As a leader in education, we want to give you the opportunity to be in on the ground floor and help shape this effort.


This seems cool. I followed the link and discovered I registered back in August. I don’t think I’ve received anything on this since, so is this group ramping up?


@reml great, thanks for signing up! Yes, this list is purposefully meant to be pretty non-intrusive - low noise, no spam. We will mainly use the list to alert the community of upcoming events and periodically ask for input on new initiatives.

Thanks in advance for your valuable input!