YAML Configuration - Linked Fields

Hey guys,

I am attempting to run some versions through an in house delivery tool created a while back (before I joined) and require some assistance in regards to linked fields.

The way the tool works is when we have a group of shots/versions ready to send to client, we bundle them up in a Playlist and submit it through the delivery tool. The python script used to submit these jobs for render reference parameters set in Deadline from a .YAML file, such as entity/version name, frame count, etc.

We require a parameter for the episode number, however, I can’t seem to figure out how to link it to the Shot > Sequence > Episode field from Shotgrid. What we have currently is a work around to essentially create a version value labled sg.episode (referenced in the .yaml as version.Version.sg_episode) and manually input this data every time we wish to submit a new version.

Would anyone know the correct way of referencing a value/field that is not a version field?


So If I am understanding your post here correctly, its just a case of having the correct deep link set up in the YAML file to know what to query from a Shot?

There was a post by Philip Scadding a while ago that really helped me wrap my head around some of the way SG links things. Filter tasks for step type (short_name)?

Specifically this part:

Essentially you can use it to navigate through entity fields by providing the {field}.{EntityType}.{field} and it is possible to go multiple levels deep.

What entity type is your Episode? If we assume its a simple int field like ID then something like this could work:


Edit: Sorry just re-reading my post, I am making the assumption that you’re querying from a Shot as a source here, but I might have misunderstood if you’re actually querying from a version?