Issue with querying deep link fields on a Shotgun site?

Hi I have a client that has noticed a regression in the results returned from the Python api.

They are doing a find on a Version querying the following fields:

default_fields = 

When they do so however, they get the following response:

[{'code': 'ABC_123_123_456_789_comp_v009',
  'entity': {'id': 3657, 'name': '123_456_789', 'type': 'Shot'},
  'id': 17474,
  'project': {'id': 584, 'name': 'ABCProject', 'type': 'Project'},
  'project.Project.tank_name': 'ABC',
  'sg_task.Task.content': None,
  'type': 'Version',
  '': 'Rob Blau'}]

As you can see based off of the response, the entity.Shot.code is no longer returning…
I’ve noticed this for task related content as well.

I have another client same version of the site (v8.41.0.524) that isn’t having this issue…

Is there a setting somewhere that turns off deep linking on the Python api?

According to the logs it looks like the site owner may have set the site pref ‘use_shot_sg_versions_connections’ from “yes” to “no”.

Does anyone know if that is related? And if so does anyone know how to turn that back on?

A similar issue was reported here and seems to have been resolved by a restart of SG Desktop.

Could be that the tk-desktopframework or some other thing was updated with a fix?

Interesting, thanks Ricardo, I’ll ask the team if it is still happening today.

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