Which python version should we use in RV 2021.0.0?


Which python version should we use in RV 2021.0.0 ?
In the software folder, I see python2 and python3 folders.

We are switching to python3 so that’s the version we would like to use. But when running it with python3 env, I get an python error and path are pointing to rv_install/python2/lib/python2.7/…

Is there a way (env var I assume) to easily switch it to python3?.



Hi Kevin,

Python 3 support, it’s currently opt-in via defining the RV_PYTHON3 environment variable.


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Hi Alain,

Thank you for your answer.
That’s what I was just finding out in the Release notes.

For those wondering, it’s using python 3.7.6.


What subversion of python2 does rv 2021 require?

In RV version 2021.1.0, the Python 2 version included is Python 2.7.17 (v2.7.17:c2f86d8, Nov 18 2020, 09:23:52)

Hi @brad.wfalk,

@Kevin_Lmr is right, RV ships with Python embedded so you should not have to install anything special. RV actually embeds two different versions of Python. One version of Python 2.x and another one of Python 3.x.

Up to RV 2022, RV was initializing the Python 2.x interpreter by default but now 3.x is the default.

Would you mind sharing the reason behind this question @brad.wfalk?