Where does the "Refresh" Scene Action live?

When you right click on a Task in the Loader display, you gain this “Refresh” option at the bottom - Where does the code for this live? I would love to be able to add it to my custom Scene Actions instead of relying on artists clicking two buttons.


All toolkit apps can be found on the SG GitHub

Thanks Justin, I am aware of the GitHub repository - I was hoping someone knew more specifically which file had the function code.

My apologies, I’ve misunderstood your question.

I’ve had a closer look into the source code and there seems to be a few instances of refreshes happening. Its been a while since I’ve played with the loader and I believe all the items above the separator are created by a factory method somewhere so searching for their names in the code as a starting point doesn’t yield much.

There’s a few references to a “refresh” action though.

Refresh history:

Refresh action:

Another Refresh action:

I am seeing a similarity in all of these that they all call a refresh on a model, would need a little trial and error to figure out witch of these is the right one.

Have you taken over this app in your setup? Achieving this will require passing in that model to the Scene actions hook or storing a reference to it somewhere after it’s creation.

Hope this helps get you going in the right direction.

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I believe we have forked the app, so I should be able to try passing the model to the actual hook. It’s a shame that this is so complicated, you would think it wouldn’t need to be.

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