What will film, TV, and games production look like in 2030?

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This article looks great and very interesting. I found a couple of these articles from Autodesk, for example this one: https://www.autodesk.com/campaigns/aaa-game-developers-and-shotgun.

They are great and informative, but require the entering of contact data every time the video is accessed. Since a lot of us are already registered members of the Shotgun community, I’m wondering if there is a better, low-barrier way for sharing these information.

Thank you!


Hi Christian- thanks for your note. As of right now, anyone who wants to access the content is asked to fill out the form-customer or not. We hear you though, and will absolutely work on an alternative process for how we can get this type of content to current customers without asking them to complete the form. In the meantime, we hope filling out the form isn’t too much trouble and you’re enjoying the content! :slightly_smiling_face: