Vendors and links generated by script

“Script-User” creates a “Path” field in the “Published File” object, in which case “Vendor” users do not see the contents of this field.
“Script-User” cannot be added to the group for this “Vendor” to increase the visibility of objects to the user :frowning:

I need to manually change the owner of the “File” object for all “Published Files”. For you to understand the scale - this is 300 “Shot” and in every 3-4 “Published file”! How to allow access to files owned by “Script User” for “Vendor” user?!?!?!

Can you not enable View permission on the Path field for the Vendor role?

Not really sure I understand the context here.

You have a script that is creating published files?
If the script should set the correct user on the published file then can’t that be added to the script?

If you execute the script from the User “Person”, then the Notes created by this script are not displayed in the INBOX for this user

When using a script user to connect to shotgrid there are various ways to impersonate an actual user.

You can use a session token instead of api credentials to run your script if you first retrieve them from the user, or you can sudo_as a user so that any actions taken will look as if they came from that user.

Have a look at the docs for help:

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I agree with you
I have separated the operations:
- creation of “Published files” - user “Person”
- creating notifications - user"Script"
Now looks nice

I don’t know why I didn’t do this in the first place :frowning:

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