Using multiple rv nodes in one node

Hey there,
I’m wondering if it’s possible to use multiple rv nodes in one node.
for example, I need to reference RV’s node LinearToAlexaLogC node in the costume RV node I’m creating , I’m wondering how can I do that

You mean like, more than one of a single type of node in a group? That used to be problematic, but I believe that was fixed at some point. (ADSKers, want to find the version number y’all fixed that in? I really hate that I can’t go to a single page and get all the change logs now).

If you add multiple to a group it should just work, the order of the nodes matters. When you do something like nodesInGroupOfType it returns an array and your ordering should go first to last iirc.

Is there something more specific that you are running into an issue with?

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Thanks Michael, That’s very helpful
I’m not running into issues, I just wanted to know if it’s possible to call an RV node (example LinearToAlexaLogC.gto ) inside another gto node

what I did was copy the equation as well as the parameters from linearToAlexaLogCo.gto to the custom gto node I’m working on
I was also considering doing this in python, but the above was easier

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ah that makes sense, normally if you want multiple nodes chained together you can use one of the color group nodes, but I didn’t understand you were authoring a glsl shader that you just wanted to import the implementation. Cheers!