Using Game Level for assembly in Episodic work flow

I seem to be having an issue with setting up the tk-workfile2 to open up Levels.

Engine tk-unreal cannot initialize - the pick environment hook was not able to return an environment to use, given the context Level None. Usually this is because the context contains insufficient information for an environment to be determined.

I’m a little lost as to why this would not be working? It shows up in engine but that is part of the error that I’m getting

It seems the pick environment hook figured out that you are in a Level context but did not actually get a level record.

This depends on how your config is set up and how you are tracking unreal files.
Did you do any customisation to the standard tk-unreal setup?

Yes we have a custom version of the tk-unreal I also went in and added “Level” to the context.entity[‘type’] in the pick_environment in the tk-core. I was kind of hoping that there was an example of someone setting up levels for use in a context or setting up a custom entity but I cant seem to find one the closet Ive come is something that was posted By Phil that was in Japanese.