Uploaded config name in Pipeline Configurations


So this is more of an annoyance than anything serious but I’ve noticed that if I build and upload my configs zip file via a python script in a Jenkins environment the name of the zip gets garbled into a byte string.

For example in the uploaded configs field I will see b'my_configs.zip'.
and if I query the uploaded_configs from the Pipeline Configuration entity, the name would look like this 'name': 'b'my_configs.zip''.

However if I just uploaded the configs from a python script the uploaded_configs field would look like my_configs.zip and the queried uploaded_configs name would look like 'name': 'my_configs.zip'.

As before it’s mostly just an annoyance. It doesn’t seem to break functionality of the config zip.
I’ve tried all manner of string conversion but nothing seems to fix it.
Is there any way to change the uploaded config name after uploading?



Hey @StarkRavenSimone,

Thanks for the report. I’m not sure why one return value would be munged up like that while the other is not. We’ll follow up with the Toolkit team and report back.

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