Unknown Descriptor

Hey guys,

I’m a Pipeline TD at my studio where my Lead left to another company and I inherited the code base to manage. We’re looking into using Shotgun Create and started testing it but Shotgun Create keeps throwing an unknown descriptor error.

We use git branches to manage how Shotgun is configured and have a descriptor per configuration we may be using. What kind of descriptor is Shotgun Create expecting for it to work properly?


Hi @dhalley,

That error could mean that the “type” field of the descriptor is not set correctly. Is your configuration only used for SG Create? or are you using toolkit already and you’re just trying to add Create to the pipeline?

You can put in a ticket by emailing support@shotgunsoftware.com and include a zip file of your configuration if you’d like us to have a look and see if there are any problems that stand out. It would also be useful if you can include your tk-desktop2.log file. If you need help finding the log files, have a look at this documentation.


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