Trying to make a page for a weekly shot status report and export a csv

Ok, so my mind is fried on this. I’m trying to make a cvs for the client, but can’t seem to get the correct things to filter out.

  1. I need to get the Last Delivery column to filter current shot, but there is no option for that. The link>Asset>shots + Current Shot won’t work and leaves it blank. I can get the versions with the status ‘delivered’, but I just can’t get it to filter for the current shot.

  2. the percentage won’t export properly and I can’t convert it even when it’s in the csv

  3. Is there a way to get the Status Name instead of the Short Code?

Hey Tom,

The inbuilt CSV exporter literally exports the data as it lives in the columns and usually not the “display name”.

To export a CSV more along your desires you will need someone to create an AMI for you that can interact with SG through the API and return a fancy CSV file for you.

Dm me if you need any help with that!

When I can’t get the csv export that I want from the grid view, I’ve sometimes had luck getting what I need by creating a canvas page with charts. When you create a chart, you also get a download button for that chart’s data (csv is an option). If you have a chart which combines or summarizes data, the chart .csv download will give you the filtered list or the rolled up percentages and summaries (depending on how you have set up the chart). I’m not sure if it will work for the particular set of data that you are trying to pull, but it’s worth exploring.

Also: looking at your filter: I think you are filtering for all versions linked with the link>asset>shot connection. If you only want the most recent one, you need to select “a single version” (instead of all versions) from the dropdown menu below the filter settings. When you select “a single version” shotgrid will add some boxes for you to add parameters for which version it selects. Ask to select a single version, selected by date created in descending order. That will get you only the most recent delivery linked. I’m attaching a screenshot of a similar filter I have for one of our projects.

Thanks Pen,
yeah, i do have it set it up that way, but I don’t have the option ‘Link > Shot > Tasks’, I do have Link > asset > shots’, but it doesn’t pull anything. I set it to show all version, just to have no filter besides current shot, so i can get that to work. It just doesn’t work for some reason

You don’t want to show all versions. You want to show the single, latest version. So Use the dropdown and change Show> All Versions to Show>a single version. (the part below the filters. You can ignore my filters in the screenshot. Just look at my settings below the filter box. Your filters are correct, the problem is that you have multiple versions linked to the shot via the asset. So shotgrid is showing you all of them. You only want the single, latest one)

Thank Pen,
I can do that, but it doesn’t give the current shot that I need, it just gives the first version delivered out of all the shots. Why I can’t figure out why I can’t get current shot. Was there something updated in cg that would make it so I can’t get to it maybe?

Make sure you selected “Date Created” in “descending order” (NOT “Date Created” in “Ascending Order”). Ascending order will give you the first delivery. Descending order will give you the most recent delivery.

One more thought, maybe out of context since I don’t know if your Version is related to an Asset or a Shot or whatever entity: using includes as filter does not filter out Shots from the list, it will give you the list of all Shots where your Asset is cast. Is that what you are looking for?

Thanks everyone. So here’s another screen shot.

The version is attached to a shot. So each line is a ‘shot code’ and all i can’t get in the ‘last delivered’ is all the version, not just current shot in the line. So if you look in the back it’s all the same ‘last delivered’ version all the way down.

I the options for shot I’ve found won’t give me the option at add ‘is’ ‘current’

driving me nuts!