Tk-shotgun apps, what information is passed to the app?

I was reading the app source code for

and I noticed the functions get supplied a entity_id but where does that variable come from?
Is there any information on what information get’s passed to the app?


If the app is configured to show in the tk-shotgun engine, and the supports_multiple_selection is set as a parameter on the registered command, then the callback method will be passed entity_type, and entity_ids.

There isn’t really any documentation on that though unfortunately.


Ah, thanks Phil!

Some documentation would be great since it’s quite a powerful part of toolkit!

On a side note, I’ve seen this all over Shotgun for a while and just wondering if we are the only one where this happens to, but the console output prints are very chaotic and prints lots of extra characters:

Should I be doing something special to make this right?
It happens to the default tk-shotgun apps too.