Tk-nuke Nuke 14 compatibility

Hi ShotGrid Toolkit team!

Sorry to be a pain, but I would like to know if there are any plans of releasing the latest commit to the tk-nuke engine that adds Nuke 14 compatibility ? I could make use of that right now and would also like to avoid forking if I can help it. :slight_smile:
Thanks for your hard work!



nuke 14.0 works fine right now, that warning is merely cosmetic at this point, after they fixed the path normalization we haven’t had any issues at all. You can also disable this compatibility check once you verify your internal pipeline is compatible with the nuke version too by passing: compatibility_dialog_min_version as an arg in tk-nuke.yml its an optional flag.

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Thanks @Ross_Macaluso !

I did not know about that option! Thanks for pointing to it!

Cheers Fabian


Hey @Ross_Macaluso

Thanks for the tip with the with the compatibility_dialog_min_version settings.

I would like to add this setting to my tk-nuke.yml file (env\includes\settings\tk-nuke.yml) in my sg config.

I am not sure though what to explicitly write there. I was trying something like this:

    compatibility_dialog_min_version: 15

    compatibility_dialog_min_version: 15

or simply:

compatibility_dialog_min_version: 15

This didn’t work tough. Do you know how to set this correctly?

It depends on how you launch your programs and at what step the engine is initialized. I have this flag added at each of the settings its a top level flag, so you add it at the same indent level as apps/menu favorites/location: here’s a visual example which works if the engine is initialized at the “shot” level, the same can be applied for shot_step/project/sequence ect. Hope this helps.


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