Tk-multi-publish2 - [Maya] Hooks for XGen publishes & directory structire

On creating a new Description, Maya creates an xgen folder in the set Maya project directory. By default, all XGen-related files, including Description XDSC files, point XUV files as well as Ptex files used for attribute maps, groomable splines, region maps, and masks, are stored in sub-folders within the project’s xgen folder.

A ${DESC} variable specifies the main data path to the current Description. By default, this data path is set to the xgen folder for the Collection containing the Description. XGen uses this data path to access all the files and maps when the Description is previewed or rendered.

Is there any way the location of this can be set during the publish execution of a hook?
How do we version up the xgen descriptions based on the file version number?
Anyone who has worked with this, please do share your thoughts.