Tk-multi-publish2 item.description not in ui

Hello everbody,

I am currently updating our modified multi-publish2 app from v.2.5.2 to v.2.5.5 where the description inheritance is fixed.

But now I have the problem, that I can’t set an item.description in my hook, so that it shows up in the ui.

I can log the item.description, so I know there are information available.
And despite the label saying, Description not inherited, the tree_item.inherit_description variable is True.

I thought I might change the file, so that it fits my needs.
I added the following code into the _create_item_details method:

context_item = self.ui.items_tree.topLevelItem(1)   # item after summary_item in tree
    for child_index in range(context_item.childCount()):
        if tree_item is context_item.child(child_index):
            tree_item.inherit_description = False

But then there are other problems so far. For example that child-tasks do not inherit, whatever is set in the nuke.session item. Only when I change the ui manually, it shows up correctly.

If I omit the check if the tree_item is the first after the context and set the tree_item.inherit_description variable to False right away, the ui is correct on startup, but not when I enter something manually.

Is this a bug or is it not planned to have a default/previously saved item.description? Is there a way to set the inheritance of the tree items in the hook, because it may be the case you want a default description on a different level?

Also maybe a check on the dialog startup would be great, if an item.description is present and set it accordingly to not interfer with manual ui changes.

Cheers and thanks,

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I can confirm I ran into this as well!

This never got a reply but I can confirm it’s still an issue.
We cannot set item descriptions from the collector anymore which is a big sad… :frowning:

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