TemplateKey value only if it's a specific value?

Hey everyone! :wave:

This seems a bit convoluted, but I wanted to see if anyone had worked this out.

I want to use the Type (list) field on Episodes for our sg_shot_episode_type TemplateKey. Currently the SG field has two options: Short and Series. However… I only want it to populate the TemplateKey if the Type field contains the Short value. Otherwise, I want it to remain blank.

Additionally, I wanted to have the TemplateKey populate with Shorts instead of Short. :slight_smile:

I thought I could just use the “choices” option to make this work but it doesn’t transform the value at all. It just gives me what came straight out of SG. It doesn’t look like the choices are even looked at when TK core is resolving these keys

        type: str
        shotgun_entity_type: Shot
        shotgun_field_name: sg_episode.CustomEntity01.sg_type
        choices: {
            "": "",
            "Series": "",
            "Short": "Shorts"

Should this work? I got it to work with adding 2 lines of code to the TK core code but don’t want to fork tk-core for this.