Tank command not working after migrating to AD identities?

I wanted to launch a dcc via the tank command, but now that we’ve migrated to AD authentication it appears not to work :
“ERROR: Authentication using username/password is not supported on the console”

Is the tank command depreciated since this change? If not, how can I launch SG commands from the terminal?
I do have a live SG Desktop session open, so I should already be authenticated anyway…
Any help appreciated.

I can only say that we have migrated and the tank command works, so not deprecated.
Don’t know how to solve your problem though. Are you also logged in on the website at the same time?

Thanks Mmoshev! Good to know it’s probably something I’m doing wrong then! I’ll investigate further.

I forgot to say, we use a distributed config, not old-school.
I’m also getting logs before that error saying :

Infos for site 'https://mysite.shotgunstudio.com' not in cache or expired
Infos for site 'https://mysite.shotgunstudio.com' found in cache
ERROR: Authentication using username/password is not supported on the console
https://mysite.shotgunstudio.com for sites using Autodesk Identity.

Hi @Patrick

Please ensure that you have a version of tk-core that is version v0.20.3 or later. This will fix your issue.