Supported playback resolutions

Hi all, I’m wondering what the highest resolution is which can be supported from the web players (both Review and Screening Room), assuming we upload our own transcodes. Can they handle 1080?


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We don’t have hard restrictions currently but according to this doc the file transcoding process is optimized for files of 5GB or less:

The biggest issue with transcoding is the ability to stream it over the internet. The specs we came up with was our take on the balance of speed of playback vs quality of movie file. Of course, that can be subjective but keep in mind, streaming high res media over the internet can affect performance. If you start with those specs and nudge it up from there, you should be fine. I wouldn’t suggest going over 1920x1080 ish. 2K and above could be very slow playback.

Something to keep in mind is that we’re currently investigating our automatic transcoding resolution and what the ceiling might look like, since the 720p limit that we have currently is a little out of date.

Some references:
DIY Transcoding
Shotgun Transcoding

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Hi Alexa,

Ok so if i understand correctly, there is currently NO technical restriction in either the Review App or Screening Room web players which limit it to 720P. The emailed version of your message mentioned a 10GB limit but since that’s gone from here I’m going to assume you’ve since edited that and there is no limit right now.

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Indeed! For some reason I had 10GB as a limit in my head but it’s really mostly storage and streaming concerns, since it’s much harder to stream a 10GB+ file.

Good luck!