Subprocess in toolkit app

I have a toolkit app that calls the python subprocess to run a shell command. It hangs and never completes. When I try to run the same subprocess command in a python shell, it works as expected. What would prevent the subprocess from completing? I’m running a js script in the subprocess.



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Hey Mark!
Could there be maybe be something different about the environment variables?

Hey, we do this in multiple places, so it works by itself. You should check/debug your js process perhaps.

Thank you for the breadcrumb to look at the environment variables! I found the issue within the js script. The first line had a shebang.

#!/usr/bin/env node

When the subprocess ran, it didn’t have node in the $PATH. Subprocess was returning that the command was not found. At first I thought this was the js script. I updated the subprocess call to use the full path to node as /usr/local/bin/node. The solution looked something like this:['/usr/local/bin/node', '/path/to/jsscript.js', '-arg1', '-arg2'])

Thanks for the help,